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March 4, 2016

From education level, the rates of employment and poverty as well as the quality of schools and beyond, there are myriad important factors to consider determining the most educated cities in America. Seeking to capture these factors, we considered 17 data points from three sources and interviewed two experts. Below you will find our results, as well as a detailed methodology explaining how we arrived at them.

March 8, 2016

When Nate and Vanessa Quigley were deciding where to build Chatbooks, the photobook startup the married couple founded together, they looked for a place deep with creative and technical talent — preferably, that they could have all to themselves. That ruled out the rocketship-heavy Bay Area, where Nate’s friends running tech companies told him that “if they hiccup even for a second all of their best talent bolts.”

Florida, the Quigleys’ home at the time, didn’t have enough tech talent. In New York, it seemed the company would need to be in Brooklyn or the Flatiron area to access the right workers—and neither of those places were practical given that the Quigleys have seven kids. Boston, where Nate attended Harvard Business School and had a strong network, didn’t have enough of the creative people the couple would need to run their business. “Also, the winters are too long and the skiing isn’t good,” says Nate.

March 27, 2016

The US has the largest creative economy employment of the US, UK and Canada employing 14.2 million people.

Canada had the largest creative economy employment as a percentage of the workforce at 12.9 per cent.