Hot Austin housing market leads nation in recovery from the recession

March 21, 2016
Austin Culture Map

They say Austin is recession-proof, and a new real estate report backs up that sentiment. Online mortgage and loan resource center reveals which metros have bounced back the most from the Great Recession — Austin leads the way.

Using data from the federal home price index from 1991 through the fourth quarter of 2015, created a "home price recovery index." The data shows each market's pre-housing-crisis peak value, bottom value, and current housing value.

It should come as no surprise that Austin-Round Rock places in the No. 2 spot among the metro areas that have recovered the most since the recession. Our housing market has continued to increase dramatically over the past couple of years, and because of this, home prices in Austin are a whopping 44 percent above their pre-housing-crisis peak value. The current value is $390,070, compared to $270,780 before the recession. Only the Denver metro area has recovered more, at 45.29 percent.

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