Austin #2: Cities Where Job Opportunity and Housing Affordability Intersect

March 2017

Figuring out where to live and work within your means can be a challenging task. Lucky for you, we teamed up with Zillow to find out which metro areas in the U.S. are the Sweet Spots for job seekers, offering both strong job opportunity and affordable housing. We combined LinkedIn's employment data and Zillow's housing data to analyze a common set of priorities for today's professional: an affordable home and a good job.

Using LinkedIn Jobs data, LinkedIn Salary data, and the percent of workers hired in the past year, we identified the U.S. metro areas with the strongest overall job opportunity. By combining this analysis with income tax rates and Zillow's median rent data, we were able to identify the Sweet Spots across the country where you can get hired and pocket the largest share of income after paying for housing and accounting for taxes.*

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